Embedding carbon targets into facilities management solutions

The Government has passed a bill to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 under the Climate Change Act. All public sector organisations will need to cut their emissions by 78% by 2035 ahead of the 2050 100% target. 

Everything FM provides a rapid and compliant procurement solution for buyers wishing to deploy their net zero programmes. Our quality assessed supply chain has over 200 specialist providers, local and national, who are delivering tens of millions of pounds of decarbonisations projects including LED lighting, solar PV panels, smart metering services, EV charging solutions, boiler and heat pump replacements.

We also deliver net zero modular buildings and maintenance contracts – ‘everything facilities management’. Everything FM is a managed framework offering value for money benchmarked direct award and mini-competition options, with the ability to onboard your suppliers at pace.

Meeting Net Zero Carbon Targets

The Everything FM end-to-end solution enables the public sector to meet their net zero vision objectives efficiently and effectively through a phased programme approach. Our 10-phase journey is underpinned by our technical and programme management expertise and delivered through our specialist supply chain. The journey starts with your environmental strategies:

  • Setting net zero carbon targets that align to your environmental strategy, both to ensure synergy between strategy, supply chain and environmental target.
  • Carry out carbon footprint assessments using your estates data and our site inspections. Whilst the UK public sector only contributes 2% to carbon emissions, the built environment contributes to 39% of global emissions.
  • Produce estates retrofit and maintenance blueprints to meet your net zero carbon targets including a heat decarbonisation plan, and initial carbon literacy plan across all staff and suppliers.
  • Bid for Government grants in readiness to support retrofit plans – for example the next phase of the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme and other relevant capital funding schemes likely as a result of COP26.
  • Produce your Supplier Net Zero Standards Charter – setting out the standards by which suppliers must adhere in terms of their commitment to low carbon solutions across their organisation. Suppliers will be required to set out their carbon reduction plans and how they will support your plans.
  • Establish your dedicated net zero supply chain ensuring compliance. We onboard national, regional and local suppliers that meet due diligence tests and your Net Zero Charter Standards.
  • Suppliers are selected from our supply chain using direct award or mini competition to ensure value for money, managed by our procurement experts.
  • Supplier data is collected quarterly on carbon reduction as defined by your Charter, aligned to your environmental targets.
  • We’ll provide a quarterly report with a dashboard showing supplier contributions against net zero carbon targets.
  • Review decarbonisation measures annually across your estate, including the impact made by your supply chain, and changes in staff behaviours.

Contact us today if you’d like to kick-start your decarbonisation journey or receive advice on how to procure green energy.

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Sustainable supply chain

We ensure that environmental sustainability is at the core of our operations; from reducing, recycling and diverting waste, to reducing C02 emissions through to ecological protection. In order to succeed our dedicated and specialist supply chain members are all committed to carbon reduction plans – it is fundamental to our onboarding criteria. Their low carbon solutions cover their whole organisation including carbon footprints, energy, materials and resources, transport and waste.

Achieving your carbon targets

Talk to us about embedding net zero carbon solutions into your next facilities management contract. During our mini competition service, we will always ask bidders to describe how they can support environmental initiatives to reduce carbon emissions. However, if you have specific targets you would like to achieve through your service contracts, we can include additional questions in the tender documents.