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Everything FM connects organisations with high-quality FM solutions providers. It provides access to all areas of FM services, including:


FM CategoryAvailable Services
Computer FM services

  • Computer facilities management services including operation, systems development and systems maintenance

Education and training services

  • Pre-school education services

  • Primary education services

  • Secondary education services

  • Higher education services

  • Adult and other education services

  • Operation of education centres

  • Training services in defence and security materials

  • E-learning services

  • Specialist training services – safety, health, environmental, personal development

  • Language courses

Canteen and catering services

  • Canteen services and canteen management services

  • Meals-on-wheels

  • Transport enterprises

  • School-meal services and school catering services

  • Retail trade services

Office supplies

  • Stationery and general office supplies

Furniture (incl. office furniture), furnishings, domestic appliances and cleaning products

  • Furniture

  • Furnishing

  • Miscellaneous equipment

  • Textile articles

  • Domestic appliances

  • Cleaning and polishing products

  • Catering equipment

  • Disinfection equipment

  • Gas network equipment

  • Sewerage works equipment

  • Sealing equipment

  • Water installations

Other community, social and personal services

  • Locksmith services

Security, recreational, cultural and sporting services

  • Closed circuit television services

  • Security services, alarm-monitoring, guards, surveillance, patrol and identification
    badge release services

  • Alarm monitoring services

  • Guard and surveillance services

Auditing, personnel and payroll services

  • Financial, internal, statutory, fraud auditing services

  • Accounting review services

  • Personnel and payroll services

  • Health and safety consultancy services

Engineering and inspection services

  • Health and safety consultancy services

  • Engineering design services for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings

  • Mechanical and electrical engineering services

Facilities management services and construction work

  • Facilities management services

  • Cleaning services

  • Site preparation work

  • Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work

  • Building construction work for multi-dwelling buildings and individual houses

  • Buildings relating to leisure, sports, culture, lodging and restaurants

  • Commercial buildings, warehouses and industrial buildings, buildings relating to transport

  • Buildings relating to education and research

  • Buildings relating to health and social services, crematoriums and public conveniences

  • Construction work for buildings relating to law and order or emergency services and for military buildings

  • Construction work for school buildings

  • Engineering works and construction works for pipelines, communication and power lines, highways, roads, airfields and railways, water projects, plants, mining and manufacturing and for buildings relating to the oil and gas industry

  • Roof works and other special trade construction works

  • Building installation work

  • Electrical installation, insulation work, plumbing and sanitary works, fencing, railing and safety equipment installation work, mechanical installations

  • Building completion work

  • Plastering, joinery and carpentry installation work, floor and wall covering work, painting and glazing work

  • Other building completion work, decoration work, exterior cleaning work for buildings, overhaul and refurbishment work, restructuring work

  • Hire of construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment with operator

Industrial machinery

  • Boiler installations – hot-water boilers

  • Steam-generating boilers

  • Steam generators

  • Auxiliary plant for use with boilers

  • Steam condensers

Transport equipment and auxiliary products to transportation

  • Control, safety, signalling and light equipment

Agricultural, forestry, horticultural aquacultural and apicultural services

  • Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, zoological services

  • Animal husbandry and hunting services

  • Services incidental to fishing, aquaculture services and apiculture services

Sewage, refuse, cleaning and environmental services

  • Sewage services

  • Refuse and waste related services

  • Refuse disposal and treatment, radioactive, toxic, medical and hazardous waste services

  • Operation of a refuse site

  • Cleaning and sanitation services in urban or rural areas, and related services

  • Street-cleaning and sweeping services

  • Snow-clearing and ice-clearing services

  • Gully cleaning and emptying services

  • Asbestos removal services

  • DE leading services

  • Disinfecting and exterminating services in urban or rural areas

  • Beach cleaning services

  • Graffiti removal services

  • Environmental services

  • Impact assessment, planning, consultancy, auditing and investigation services

  • Cleaning and sanitation services

  • Accommodation, building and window cleaning services

  • Blast-cleaning services for tubular structures

  • Tank and reservoir cleaning services

  • Car park cleaning services

  • Furnace and chimney cleaning services

  • Cleaning services of telephone equipment

  • Cleaning services of transport equipment

  • Bin-cleaning services

  • Office, school and office equipment cleaning services

  • Pest control services

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