We are committed to working alongside our supply chain partners and clients to realise social value, and to helping deliver positive impact wherever we can. 


At Everything FM, our primary aim is to help all public and third sector organisations deliver maximum social value from their procurements. The government issued a Procurement Policy Notice (PPN 06/20) outlining the Social Value Model that should be applied to all new procurements from 1st January 2021. Applying social value requirements in procurement can have a significantly positive impact by broadening the benefits that are delivered. We work with all our suppliers to suggest ways in which they can deliver greater social value activity as a standard part of delivery of their contracts.

Our vision, from the inception of Place Group Ltd in 2002, has been to improve the life chances of young people. This is the driving force behind everything the business does, as well as the people it employs.

This has manifested itself in many ways over the past twenty years, including; advising how new buildings can help deliver transformation in educational outcomes; managing the opening of new schools in the most disadvantaged parts of the country; generating tens of millions of pounds worth of savings for schools by delivering innovation in public sector procurement; and in the same year that the Social Value Act came into law established its own multi-academy trust, Bellevue Place Education Trust, to provide new outstanding schools to serve some of the most deprived communities across London.

Our staff volunteer their time and expertise to support the Trust, which is soon to welcome its ninth school, to create efficiencies and help ensure maximum funding is deployed in expanding the learning experience of all pupils.

We welcomed the Government’s new Social Value Act measures in 2021 to deliver value to society through public procurement, to promote new jobs and skills, encourage economic growth and prosperity and tackle climate change. In response to this, we have made a new commitment to contribute to adding value through our work.

When used to full effect, service design with social value in mind can deliver a more holistic and innovative solution. In practice, social value can be a cost-saving tool too, as you can deliver additional benefits through the way that a service is run.

  • We will ask you about what social value you would like to see through your contracts and make this important criterion within the specification
  • Social value is intertwined with everything that both we and our supply chain do. We register contracts with the social impact portal to measure the social return that the framework helps deliver